Dominique Eustace is a dynamic artist whose work captures the vibrant spirit of cycling and racing against the backdrop of the West Coast's stunning landscapes. Dominique has always been deeply influenced by the natural beauty and outdoor culture of this region.

With a passion for both art and cycling, Dominique seamlessly blends these two interests to create captivating pieces that celebrate the joy and freedom of cycling. Through bold colors, dynamic compositions, and local details, Dominique's artwork reflects the energy and movement of cycling.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant West Coast cycling community, Dominique Eustace infuses each piece with movement and colour. Whether capturing the exhilaration of racing or the tranquility of a leisurely ride, Dominique Eustace invites viewers to experience the thrill of cycling through her vibrant and immersive artworks.

Dominique Eustace brings both technical skill and creative vision to her work. Through experimentation with various mediums and techniques, Dominique Eustace continually pushes the boundaries of their artistic practice, resulting in a diverse portfolio that resonates with cyclists and art enthusiasts alike.

Dominique Eustace’s artwork has been featured in galleries, exhibitions, and cycling events throughout BC, and internationally, earning recognition for its unique style. Whether capturing the essence of a local cycling event or portraying an individual cyclist, Dominique Eustace continues to inspire and captivate audiences with her dynamic cycling art.

As a devoted cyclist and racer, Dominique Eustace is deeply committed to using her art to promote cycling culture and youth development in cycling. Through partnerships with local cycling organizations, Dominique Eustace actively supports her community (bursaries, charitable donations, race and sponsor gifts) and seeks to inspire others to embrace the joy of cycling and racing.

Dominique Eustace currently shares her time between Vancouver and Maple Bay, BC, where she draws inspiration from the scenic surroundings and vibrant cycling community. When not in the studio, Dominique Eustace can often be found exploring the coastal roads, mountain trails, and urban bike lanes or that make BC such a unique and inspiring place to ride and race.

For more information about Dominique Eustace and her artwork, please visit or follow @Dominique.Eustace on IG.

Dominique Eustace