Dominique Eustace is a Westcoast artist living in Maple Bay, BC. She is also an athlete and physician. Just as Dominique enjoys diversity in her passions she enjoys diversity in subject and style of her art.   Her signature style is to use vivid colours and rough strokes to evoke the passion and vibrancy of life.  As an avid cyclist, she has a special love for cycling art.

Dominique finds joy in her art and wants to extend this joy to the community. With this intention, she consciously uses her art to support her community.

"Art is a celebration of life. As a physician I witness pain and suffering so my art is created to mitigate this. I try to use color and brush strokes to evoke a pleasant response. My intention is to be playful with colour, texture and subject in a manner that invites both the unskilled and skilled eye. I have a love of intensity so create art to surprise my audience."